IVLER, Jason (1981/2?) Jewish American Filipino. Graduated from Hawaii  Pacific University, Oahu, with a bachelors degree in psychology. Enlisted in the United States Army in 2007. Upon graduation from basic training, infantry school, airborne school and the ranger indoctrination program (RIP), Fort Benning, GA, he was assigned to the 1st Ranger battalion, HAAF, Savannah, GA. In 2008 he was deployed to Iraq as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).


In 2010 he exchanged gun fire with NBI agents in the Philippines.


In 2015 he was sentenced to 40 years without the eligibility for parole. During his defense many witnesses came forth to testify regarding his whereabouts. Pictures and other supporting evidence were provided. Despite the fact that he was in a different city during the time the crime he was accused of took place, he was still convicted.  He maintains his innocence and is currently appealing the conviction.


‚Äč2010 Arraignment Quezon City RTC